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About the women of today

I have been in the Automotive business for over 40 years and I have seen a big change in car owners and repair work. The women are taking charge of their own cars and Trucks.
Not just owning but even having their own repair work done. 

I'm Randy & I hope you like my Girls.

Classic Cars and Women-Southland Princess of Southern California with Randy

The photo of me and The Southland Princess.

I can't show and tell what kind of car she drives, but it's nice. Good Luck and I hope you Win!

I just want people to enjoy all my girls and their cars.
It's nice to see women coming up in this world we live in. They like cars just like the guys do. 

My Girl Hailey

Video of my Girls

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We are a group of individuals that knit and crochet chemo caps for cancer patients.
 Since 2007, we have provided over 65,187 caps.
Facebook Cap Crusaders 
We support Cancer people
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