Women Own Classic Cars Too.

This was my First Photo

At Classic Cars and Women, we are geared towards shedding light on the ladies in automotive and how important they are to this industry today. There are just as many fierce women out there, pulling up to work or just having fun in their Hot Rods, Classic Cars or just plain Cars of all kinds as there are men. I believe that our site should be an all-inclusive car experience, and that includes the women of the whole world. Guy's you may not know it but women are strong and moving up in the world. Great job girls

We wanted to create a place for people who love cars to get ideas or just show off what they own. To me it's not about the money, It's the Journey and the fun you have with what you got. Lets just enjoy life and be happy.

If you have photos that you would like to share, send them to me.  Thank you. 

Just some Beautiful Ladies 
Just look at that beautiful face. I couldn't get a big smile out of her but it was fun trying. This wonderful lady owns and drives this Classic Car. Thank you again for the great photo op. It was fun.
Just one of my girls!

Short Video of some of the Girls

Classic Cars and Women of Southern Calif
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